What's The Difference Between Woven/Printed and Embroidered Morale Patches

At Nyan Dynamics, we frequently get emails or messages from customers wondering the difference between printed/woven and embroidered patches. These are two different materials for patches that result in two completely different products.

Embroidered patches are created by using a special embroidery machine on a backing material, and looping coloured thread repeatedly into the backing material create a design. Most patch designs use multiple colours of thread. Embroidered patches are much more suitable for unit patches, or patches with less detail.

Printed/woven patches have the design printed directly onto white canvas. This canvas is then adhered to the backing material (like hook and loop), and the border is merrowed to help sinch together these layers, and make the final product look better. Merrowing is the process of using a a special merrowing machine to loop thread around the edge of a patch, giving in a clean looking border. Printed patches have multiple advantages over embroidered patches. Depending on the ink used, they can be thrown into the wash to clean them. This should be a last resort, though. Embroidered patches have the tendency to fray over time as small trees and branches pluck out the threads of the embroidery. This is not an issue with printed patches, as the design is directly printed onto thick canvas that is more resistant to damage. Printed patches are also roughly a third of the cost to produce as embroidered patches, which is important to us as a small business.

Overall, printed patches are much better than embroidered patches.

You can find all of our patch designs by clicking here!

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